Things you need to know before resizing a ring

  • Things you need to know before resizing a ring

You have received a beautiful ring as a present, but unfortunately it won't suit you right. You love it and do want to wear it and you don't consider to return it. What to do?
What to do when your favourite ring lowered its size in a mysterious way and tells the world you've put some weight on?

Believe it or not, this is one of the problems most women have suffered at least once in their lives. There are two possible solutions: you can bring the ring to the jewelers' or to try fix it by yourself. The second option might be pretty deceiving and we don't propone it unless you perfectly know what are you doing. 

Anyway, before you take steps to enlarge your favorite ring, there are some things to consider.

If you have suddenly gained weight due to illness, pregnancy or any other reason, do not rush. The swelling goes away with time, a diet will help you recover your body weight, but a ring once enlarges is pretty hard to reduce back.

Can Any Ring Be Enlarged?

The most favorable answer is for the round rings without a stone. Wedding rings fall in this category most often, as well as most signet rings. If the jewel is  made of gold or silver, the expansion takes place without any problems and with just a few movements. For this purpose, the jeweler to whom you will take the ring will use a special machine, and the service is offered at a fairly low price.

The situation is quite different if the ring is decorated with precious stones. Changing the diameter of the ring leads to change in the shape and the reliability of the stone settings. These might be deformed in a way that will not let them do their job well. As a result, the stone might fall out of its place.

However, it should be borne in mind that the possibility of enlargement is strongly influenced by factors such as the model of the ornament, the working techniques used, the properties of the stone itself... For example, the hardness of a diamond would tolerate a similar deformation, while a pearl or amber would break into pieces.

If you do decide to take the risk, make sure the jeweler has removed the stones from their settings before starting work.

The jeweler will not accept your order if  the ring is made of openwork metal, has an engraving or any complex surface, enamel or electroplating, if the metal is alloy or rhodium-plated silver.

Two-metals or inlaid metals rings are also not suitable for expansion, as well as those made of platinum, titanium and tungsten, which require special equipment that most workshops do not have.

Hollow and fragile ornaments will surely be destroyed in a process of enlarging.

Before leaving your precious possession at a jeweler's workshop, seek a few opinions. Ask about the way the service will be performed, compare prices and conditions. If you have the opportunity, look for customer reviews.

The more information you have before taking the step, the more certain it is that you won't experience an unpleasant surprise. Remember that it is not always possible to restore a damaged ring and to save yourself this potential disappointment, the only right way is to get as much information as possible before placing the order.


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