T.H. Jewels

A Story of a Discovery and Turning it into A Brand

The person behind

Tanya Ivanova, the Maker of TH Jewels

My name is Tanya Ivanova and I am the person who creates all that noise.

I originally belong to the generation of the so called IT people - those who don't need a driving license because they use public transport, who work better at night and who enjoy quite a rare scent of humor. I had spent about 13 years as a web developer and designer before I decided to change.  

As time was passing, I discovered that my passion for programming was gone. When I realized I'd started counting the minutes to leave my desk, I knew this time of my life was over.

I believe that we owe both to the world and  to ourselves the honesty to make things straight from our hearts. If we don't enjoy what we do, we end up with mediocre results and little pride of our work. So I started searching that new thing that would make me research for hours, learn with passion and get productive back again.

I've started a professional photography course back in 2011. It wasn't that bad, however didn't really inspire me at that time. As soon as I realized I got bored with the practices and exercises, I knew I hadn't found it yet. It was later, however, when I got real use on the knowledge received then and as of today, I highly appreciate the occasional interest that brought me to that course at its time.

The Big Discovery

The first bracelet ever made

As usual, the big discoveries come by occasion. This is exactly what happened when I attended a bracelet making workshop at that same year. It was a single event, where the participants were supposed to work with seeds, beads and natural materials to create bracelets. I've created three pieces then ... and fell in love with the process. It was a pretty rare thing to discover having in mind that I myself rarely wear jewels. One of my creations from that day is on the photo to the right. It has practically nothing to do with my works today, but will be always honored as the first inspiration I got.

This is when the new period started. Months of learning, visiting museums and libraries, viewing tons of photographs. I had to determine what I was about to make, what materials, what techniques... and to put all that in one single mixture.

While doing my research, I found a plastic and not widely employed materials: beads. They  tradition back since the very ancient human history, and have been worn by pharaohs and emperors in beautiful jewels some of which we enjoy today in some museums.

High quality beads, semiprecious stones, pearls along with jewelry-quality crystals are the materials I started using back in the early 2012, and which I continue using today.

Creation of a Brand

Creating TH Jewels as a brand

Then the real work had to begin. What I mean as "real work" refers to actually separate the pure pleasure from designing and making from the strict requirements a business places. At a certain point, every creative person faces the Big Choice they have to make: do they make the things to express themselves, or do they want to sell. A tough question, it is. However, as I wanted to be able to make a living in this amazing, yet highly competitive field, I had to stop for a while and do the homework. This is how step by step TH Jewels was created and started taking shape.

As of today, the models offered are intended for the 25 and more aged ladies, who live their lives on the fullest and would like an original accent of complement for either an event or their daily, more or less, routine.

A lifetime guarantee for each jewel sold is offered regardless of the price of the piece. Each model is produced in limited quantities, up to a dozen units, yet some of the jewels are unique. Once the initial quantity is sold, a similar, but not exact model could be ordered. Every jewel sold comes with a passport and a serial number, identifying the number of the unit within the series. 

The final goal is clear: complete satisfaction for our clientele, a lifetime relationship between the brand and their jewelry box. 

TH Jewels makes jewelry that is worth to own and inherit.